Service project

Service standard loading tips

when we elected the Sanya moving company, moving lives again for some time. That period has a lot to do. First, to move program. Move in frequency according to the moving company, the situation of depositors and smooth experience, prepared for you "move proposal."   You simply according to the "moving program book" scheduling in order to do everything, after each name on the sign and day, preparatory tasks before moving form, order, know speed, not sure.  

loading of frontline service standard tips:

1, mattress pads, and gondola cars the rope together.

2, the loading sequence: after the first big small, light weight after the first, the weight in the next, on light, bulky goods stacked in the rear, fragile breakable in a separate stack, and care.

3, one person in the car is responsible for the code, compact items code note without leaving gaps.

4, team speed: when handling ensuring product safety quickly, quickly return to action when empty-handed.

5, can not be timely loading of items should also be placed in sight of loading personnel.

6, to focus on the special items: fragile items should be placed separately; liquid containers before loading to ensure that no leakage and no bump; light valuables with care and handling, special items for special protection.