Service project

Mover the need for vocational training

moving and transportation services as an industry, to have their own rules about, to have a uniform service standards and operational practices, to have strict quality assurance system. As long as our compliance compliance, when quality of service when the accident occurred, would follow, according to the law, responsibility, reduce disputes each customer has moving consultant in front of the moving home service, designed according to the customer goods and moving programme.   Vehicles on time on time in place, inform in a timely manner of relevant information through the SMS platform.   Take care of floors, walls, Elevator, to packaging to protect it if necessary.   Employees to dress neatly, into Indoor shoes.   Furniture, sofas, pianos, refrigerators, painting, packaging, kitchen items, "plastic containers", and packaging to protect the plate, Bowl, Cup, to provide professional clothing hanger.   The classification of all goods packing, with a label to indicate the source (such as living room, master bedroom, kitchen, drawer and a cupboard), to the new site by in-situ (or customer demand) put in place.   The whole moving process without the customer hands.