Service project

Temporary warehousing

Temporary warehousing 

standard library: high rack warehouse, warehouse, library working venues, particularly suitable for frequent commodities in and out of the warehouse storage;

thermostat: a specialized stores, can work around the clock to meet certain products in the precondition of different requirements on temperature control;

air conditioning library: provides chilled storage services to meet the different needs of your warehouse size and warehouse on quality;

service process: investigation on both sides (that is, stock of goods, storage location), face-to-face negotiations  -  email/phone Quotes  -  contract  -  storage  -  costs

service features: the warehouse environment good hand guards, security cameras to monitor without dead angle;

service advantages: wide distribution, large storeroom, warehouse internal environment clean and tidy and is suitable for long-term storage.

ancillary services: sorting, distribution, handling, packing, unpacking inspection, labeling, bar codes;

more jobs: can reduce turnaround time, re-delivery of the goods to final users, helping manufacturers complete the mixed order