Service project

Server relocation

Server relocation 

relocation services   long distance moving server relocation

service features

company's server is like the human brain, and store important company data, how to ensure transportation safety is particularly important.  

the first layer of anti-static bubble film packaging to prevent electrostatic machines and packaging people wear anti-static shoes.  

the second layer made of foam, cardboard packaging to prevent bump and shock.  

designated games.

service process

after receiving the customer service phone, appointments with customers, professional salesman door-to-door service, designed according to the customers move goods and a detailed relocation programme.  

confirm options issued by the e-quote, communicate through email clients.  

sign relocation contracts with customers and remind customers to buy the corresponding insurance.  

the server package.  

field operations. Field supervisors overseeing the relocation process.  

customer acceptance.  

the cost of clearing.

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