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Long short distance transport

Long short distance transport 

long short distance transport of operating a network covering the country's cities one or two lines can be long for you or your company provide short-distance move, cargo packing and shipping services.

1  family/long short-distance move: to provide on-site dismantling furniture, cargo, piano/electric/upscale items customized wooden box packaging;

2  long short distance relocation of enterprises and institutions: to provide on-site disassembly of office furniture, Office supplies and professional classification and packaging.

Beijing well-known brothers moved the company to undertake long short residents to move in and outside Beijing, Zhongguancun and wangjing, Tongzhou have Division, (well-known Beijing brothers moving company regional divisions list) can provide moving services to customers in a timely manner. Beijing well-known brothers moving company moving company was established 15 years ago and gradually developed into Beijing's leading enterprises, employees have professional skills training, today to provide moving services by the majority of residents to the tens of thousands of users praise. I moved the company also offers office relocation, packing, moving heavy equipment transport, warehousing, air conditioning machines and many other services.  

long short-distance transportation

1, all bits and pieces of goods, we recommend customers packing in carton sort;

2, details about yourself/company check cargo enough cardboard boxes and packaging tape

/  3, books, and more are not afraid of pressure of heavy stuff, use small cartons and controlled about 20 kg;

4, shall be classified and placed the entire carton of clothes and other items, avoid too much or too little;

5, reducing the small goods, packaged inside a cardboard box after its focus;

6, bank card, for all kinds of certificates, precious metals, company's important data, please take care to prevent the loss;

7, all goods must be wrapped strong, heavy even out;

8, ahead of shipment of bulky items of name, size, number of telephone company, to arrange for removal and select the appropriate packaging;

9, written on the outer package, arrival cities, consignee name, consignee contact phone number.

10, fearful, fragile items please separate the pieces.