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Reeds when bar dams

Jiangsu satellite TV January 3 the legal transit broadcast "car accident in Jiangsu Province crashed through shoddy construction: reeds when bar dams", the following text video:

host: to pay attention to other aspects, December 30 at around 11:30 Taizhou a man at the door while backing, direction lost control and crashed through barrier into the cold River, did not think the hit was opened South of Taizhou River embankment engineering quality problems should be reinforced concrete construction of dams, and reeds were used instead.

explanation: when journalists arrived at the scene, had surrounded the incident near the crowd. Fire police are organizing to salvage vehicles, 120 first-aid vehicle was ready to rescue ready. Due to the surface is very dark, which brought difficulty to the salvage and rescue work, and police used a crane, firefighters took off their clothes, hand on crane ropes and jumped into the freezing water.

after a few minutes, on a 4, 5 meters away from the shore where fire fighters found the position of the vehicle, rescue workers used a crane lifted the vehicle accident. Due to drowning too long, men have died. Neighbors say victim surnamed gu (Ph), 48 years old, the scene of gate less than 10 meters away from home. Family members of the deceased said that hundreds of families live in the South-East Bank, protective railings have damaged many of the related departments, similar tragedies have happened this summer, leaving two women dead.

this morning, this reporter once again came to the scene and found inside the battered concrete barrier out of the reeds. Fraud residents angry about this.

nearby residents: he should use coarse steel, because of this close to the River, with the reeds there is a big security risk.

host: as a waterproofing barrier should be reinforced concrete can really ensure that dam impenetrable, but the relevant departments are indeed burning reeds, how can such a project to protect Bank the people's security, too. For such shoddy construction, we will continue to track reports.