Service project

Packed in moving services

since after the Asian Games in Guangzhou, the sharp decline in construction projects in Guangzhou, the entire heavy logistics industry into an unprecedented low point, though, about the strict requirements of the Ming company has not received the slightest impact, workers day to evening, even the salesman is as busy as a bee.

finally to weekend has, wants to with can good rest about has, week 51 a furniture factory of customer call to to moved factory, please past see site do programme, rush catch has past, also didn't before finishing programme, Saturday and has a machinery factory to moved factory, and project manager finished site back has work has, everyone discuss has about job details and quotes, furniture factory equipment small, main is material more, so to more arrangements some small of car, regardless of is mechanical equipment also is Office supplies car Qian are must packaging good, Protection security machinery equipment in addition to transport to ensure the accuracy, so you want to debug, and taking into account the precision and time after debugging. Discuss things afterwards gave them to me, so I decided not going anywhere this weekend, at home writing program!

I used to think writing programme is a great and difficult job, sigh of relief after completing two programmes like today with a sense of accomplishment, particularly exciting.