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before the Spring Festival every October until next year, this is a lot of moving companies "Golden season". However, many moving companies in our city this year, businesses can use "chilly" to describe it, even in the "Golden season", the moving company's business are bad. Days to, reporter on I city moved industry of status for has visited, more than 10 more than moved company of boss a mentioned this year of moved market, chorus to with "dismal, and very dismal" to described, although individual moved company boss said "also can barely maintained", but more of moved company boss said: "If business has been so poor, on only closed has......"  

moving markets this year why so gloomy? Reporters in the interview that, property prices, moving costs, market competition is fierce this year moving companies businesses "chilly" the direct cause. &Nbsp;

business   attrition to earn a living

many moving companies said that this year moving market the main reason business, that is, along with the real estate market "restriction" consistent regulatory policies such as depth, many members of the public to have a wait-and-see market, transaction volume continues to decline, moving companies business will have less.

"since October last year, business is getting worse", zhoushuizi moving Service Manager Zhao told reporters that "few months moving traffic plummeted, falling every month, only three or four deals a day, but it's not really moving, sometimes also will help distribute rice, flour, oil and other employees. This time is in the past when moving companies business the most prosperous, but this year business is most bleak. "Zhao told Xinhua, who runs the zhoushuizi moving service has been opened since 1994" before fire never worried about business in the property market, has never experienced the fate of individuals is closely related to the economic situation is so. Now, most property market recovery as soon as possible, so our day will get better service.  "

ganjingzi district, head of the company told Xinhua on the phone: "all free, no one is buying, who would find a moving company. " 

many of the moving company official told reporters that they have begun to lay off workers in order to survive, even without reducing staff, many employees of the moving company has emerged "idle badly, there is no home well" idea.

high oil prices, strong labor shortage, competition   "three big mountains" crushed moving company

interview, the reporter also learned that many moving companies because of high fuel prices, "migrant worker shortage" and reduce the volume of business, leading to rising costs and lower profits, and a dilemma. According to insiders, current costs of moving companies including: labor costs about 50% per cent of turnover, fuel costs accounted for about 15%, advertising and other expenditures accounted for more than 10%, and office expenses such as water and electricity, the moving company's net profit has fallen to under 10%, and under the influence of some prices take business, moving to industry profits continue to shrink.

"moving companies work more and more difficult to do now, alone each month of oil money and wages accounted for a profit of more than half of the workers, plus insurance, advertising and other expenses, a month down to break-even is very good. "Brother Yang complained of the renowned moving company, now that oil prices have been rising, has become the moving costs of" culprits ". "Two years, monthly fuel costs nearly 1000 dollars, but at most up until the total moving cost more than 100 Yuan, earn more, but gasoline prices. ”

Yang gave reporters an account, move now typically costs about 200 Yuan, 200 Yuan, at least 90 are to be issued to workers ' wages, another more than 100 Yuan including oil money, auto loss costs and other expenses.

"now more private cars, many people often hands-on, this is one reason for the decline in business. "Famous brothers moving company Manager Zhu told reporters in Beijing, Beijing's moving company has grown to dozens of moving markets already saturated. "People move is not very often, most likely just one or two times in life, did not exist so moving companies ' customers ' it says. "Mr Zhu said.

Xinhua also learned, now move the market dwindling, there are many moving companies entrepreneurs have begun to look for another way out. Xigang district, a move company officials said, if only by moving a single business, can maintain a basic standard of living, so his move since last year the company began more or less related to logistics, housekeeping and other services.