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Moving and don't look for "black" screen

the car turned out to be licence in Liaoyang, Commerce, and law enforcement personnel to the vehicle's owner and the driver asks if you want to have a business license and other coherent proof, occupants say they had in Liaoyang district procedures. But law enforcement officials pointed out that, as long as the business activities in the Anshan area, apply for Anshan local business license and road transport permits issued by the traffic control Department, or remote operation is not permitted. And, from the car phone number is marked on Anshan, meaning that the car may be engaged in business activities in the Anshan area all the year round. At the scene, the move networks even claim to Liaoyang also failed to take out, law enforcement officials had suspended their vehicles and other tools. Anshan city commercial and professional marketing Bureau official told reporters, according to a survey in recent times, in the corridor and so on issue ads, at least 53 homes in Anshan region now "move networks", but in the Commerce sector registered less than 5. "Black" move networks was prone to such as yesterday's "late" situations, serious may cause property damage to consumers, such as damaged furniture moving, or moving things "lost" and so on. Now, the industrial and commercial sectors to "black" move networks operations had begun, will be banned, illegal operations without a license, I moved the net, fully investigate and combat in operations such as move networks affiliated unit engaged in illegal operation of vehicle. Also reminded members of the public chosen to move, when certainly to see whether they have a business license, has a fixed place of business and signed a detailed move agreement, to avoid "please" to only one car, a couple of casual workers, do not have a fixed place of business "black" move networks, so as not to suffer

according to reports yesterday, reporters followed business law enforcement waiting gaoxin district residential area. It turns out there is a residents agreed that started at 9 o'clock with a moving network move, move networks reported doubts to unlicensed "black" screen. However all the way from 9 o'clock in the morning until 11, exceeded the agreed time of 2 hours, a move networks promote their brand of 132 cars just downstairs.

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