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Man injured jumping on the way

January 2 afternoon  2 Shi 30 points Xu, Meng Zhuang road near Hangzhou Road overpass of junction at occurred a catch thing, a car white van type truck in normal driving to here Shi, van goods backdoor suddenly open, a young men from car Shang off has down, heavy to fell in has Road Central move shall not, and van goods driver seems to no found this thing, didn't deceleration will straight left has site. The 120 emergency personnel rushed the man to the sea for Mercy Hospital, the man said he climbed into the car before the signal of domestic car, later found on the wrong vehicle.

"there was a guy from the back door of a moving van down. "January 2 at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, members of the public to this hotline 96663 reflects this fact to the King," the man got pretty heavy, almost in a coma, 120 first-aid personnel and 110 police came. "Reporters rushed to the scene, the man has been 120 first aid car haici hospital.

reporters noted, Meng Zhuang road, near Hangzhou Road overpass intersection, traffic is not very large at this time. "When the man fell from here. "Roadside live taxi driver Ma Baker, pointing to the middle of the road a wet mark told reporters that" may be too serious a broken, foaming at the mouth after the man fell to the ground was shaking, urinary incontinence, that stand on the floor of his urine. ”

horse master, told reporters, the day after 2:30 P.M., are roadside alive he saw a white midsize vans during the drive to open the rear doors, and he saw a black thing fell out of the car. "At first we thought it was the goods away, walked closer turns out to be personal. "Van delivery drivers seem to not realize that someone fell off the back, Hangzhou Road Interchange, no slowing straight away. Ma told reporters that the fallen man is young, playing several rolls to stop after landing. "Look there is no injury, but I just had to lie on the floor up. "Horse master, the 120 emergency personnel rushed to the man carried to the ambulance.

reporters rushed to sea Mercy Hospital, hospital emergency rooms saw the man in the Hall. At this point he has to wake up, eyes staring straight at the ceiling. Reporters asked him what was going on, the man stared at the reporter said after looking for a long time, he is his own car.

the man told reporters that he took advantage of the van in Changle road junction signal, climbed into the car door open. The man said his working day with a moving company, van cargo roll he missed, then finally caught up with the car at the intersection. The reason for the sudden jump, man on board who don't want him moving companies work, chased him down the way. Man claiming to be with a history of epilepsy, frothing at the mouth and urinary incontinence symptoms appeared.

reporters noted that the man was wearing a fashionable down coat, wear a pair of dark jeans, riding on a pair of brown shoes on his feet, all your clothes clean is not as engaged in the moving industry, but the man has not named his moving company. Questions for journalists, men say they may be on the wrong, then don't talk.