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Individual moving companies will be diverted to make the decoration

11th, the reporter visited the city many moving companies understand the, due to reduced the number of residents to buy a new home, moving company's sharp decline in the volume of business in the near future, in order to maintain normal operation, some moving companies started trying to run transport part will move a car rental.  

in accordance with past practice, was near the end of the public focused on moving to a new home, but due to the sluggish property market, liaocheng, potential home buyers chose the cash. Lost a large number of customers, who mainly for family relocation services moving company, is facing severe business conditions. "We have felt the pressure from the real estate market, the business volume 40% less compared with this time last year, and more, business is hard, too. ” 

"fewer people buying a House and moving less. "City official said at a moving company, last year at this time they can get five or six families moved a day's business, but now moved one or two a day, his company employed more than 10 people, each worker's wage is 50 Yuan per day, according to the current business situation, even the workers ' wages are made out.

reporters later visited the city several moving companies understand that move industry at present are more or less subject to influence from the property market. In order to get out of the current predicament, some moving companies are experimenting with new business, try to move their vehicles leased freight, some moving companies also run outdoor clean, some moving companies or even a simple decoration.