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Divorce does not move not fewer child-rich conditions

to wants to became rich, not divorce less moved became "necessary"; also didn't health child of when will quickly first for monthly set voted, because education fund far above inflation rate of rose yesterday, "zijin • thick de first, public trust started ceremony cum high-end financial Salon" in Nanjing purple peak building 72 floor sightseeing layer held, from North of more bit economists on family financial and children wealth heritage, for has multi research.  

eight truths into a millionaire

divorce does not move not fewer child-rich conditions

economics at Peking University, Dr King said that millionaires have nothing for people now, a house worth millions in Beijing go to five million Yuan to buy a house outside the ring, but to one person, to reach millions of primitive accumulation, from the outset, but attention to the financing.

American investigations into 170 millionaires summarizes eight action steps of managing a person's life, including: start to invest now, to spend money in shares, trusts, funds, high-yield products, you must learn to above business, to select blue-chip stocks, fixed monthly investments to be used, and so on. According to the survey, 3/4 of the millionaire bought a stock for at least 5 years, almost 40% millionaires buy a stock for at least 8 years. For example, Wang said, he used to have 130,000 yuan deposit, where maotai shares were bought, according to prices after the complex right now, wealth is more or less up to 10 million, but with very few people this sense of persistence and perseverance, as well as financial, multi-millionaire rarely.

while, eight big truth in also specially stressed has to and tax sector "do partners", to reasonable using tax planning, legal or postponed tax; most interesting of is, life low-key boring also was as truth one of: survey displayed, rich not like for work, and not more health children, and not like moved, life is boring, only knot once married; this is because "colorful" of life experience may will led to property spending surge, especially in abroad divorce cost is high, like Muhammad Tyson bankruptcy is life no planning good.

children education fund to vote but not health

1000 Yuan a month for five years has more than 100,000

King in full said, life financial is has various different of target of, generally has four target, a is partial retired of "Ant family", life kick is to enjoys later, first sacrifice Hou enjoy type; II is partial enjoy type of "cricket family", today has wine today drunk; three is partial purchase of "snail family", four is partial children type of "CI black family", is mercy of Crow, all to children. Different values can lead to life is different, and configured products also have to be different, where the gold plan of education for children is a priority for many families, because of higher education payment rates higher than inflation, gold reserve education yields higher than tuition growth. Children education gold most no time elastic and costs elastic, more to advance planning, only not because financial insufficient led to children School of regrets, King in full said, himself children is in North kindergarten school, non-teachers children to wants to in hard, is said to have to spent 200,000 yuan, so children of education gold need rainy day, even is to not health first raised, generally in children not was born Shi on can for has plans of investment has. King in all his 40 years old this year, he insisted at the time their child was born to do 1000 a month investment, to trust, to buy the Fund, now the child is 5 years old, his education fund has reached more than 100,000 yuan, and so on, in children at the age of 20, the Education Fund of reserves is sufficient to pay the high tuition fees. King in full also said, China yiqian has sentence words called rich but three generations, but now has is variety means can will himself of assets for various properly arrangements, especially himself wealth value compared more of when, prior must to do wealth of heritage plans, through trust, and through delegate investment and so on means, makes himself of wealth achieved hedge value-added, even children no too smart of financial mind, rich had three generations is is normal of. Trust is well-known for the use of the rich financial killer, Terry GOU, for instance, some property and stocks to own trust companies operate, as this can have a stable wealth, without worrying about wealth, Buffett, Wang Yung-ching will also own property in trust and investment, and to achieve stability in value.