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Customers come to moving companies Canada

later moved in a long time must tell customers may want to incur those costs?   Sometimes a lot of customers in the moving services moving company based upon a sense of some of the practices, like yesterday to a Taiwan customers move they encounter this kind of thing. Yesterday morning we on time came to customer is located in Merlin yicun of home in the to he moved to Nanshan of Yang day Bay pan, in starting zhiqian company on with   Guangzhou handling company   Zhongshan handling company workers said: this customer of requirements compared high, moved things of when must to light took light, do don't let customer complaints, because in we quotes of when customer active in we of quotes based Shang and to added has money, its purpose is hope we to site Hou don't again added money, also cannot mention. We went upstairs and found customers are already waiting for us at the door, say hello and then we started again. Each move of our customers in a carton carton sealing glue to attach a label above. Customer did not say why, but we are very clear. Until things moved down loaded good car go of when customer requirements we go in front, he open he of Mercedes-Benz car go in we of behind, Foshan crane rental, and Foshan lifting   due to we road cooked again plus we driver of technology good, 20 minutes we on to has Yang day Bay pan, we down moved of when customer on station in car in see with we moved, also that support pen for registration, at we of moved workers somewhat alike, thought we is not those "pheasant moved company", we is not moving you stitch of. Sure enough, after we moved customers to carefully check the car again. Did not find a thing left in the car, relief followed us up the stairs. Wait until after the full move in customer and his wife have two people doing an inventory, we help keep each is checked to see if the damaged areas, wait to check all customers pay us after the conclusion, also said: I'm sorry, thank you for your time. You do not blame me too careful, the last moving experience I remember, so I volunteered to give you some money is also in the last case. But you make me much, thank you very much, regular lifting company in Chongqing, Chongqing crane rental company service and attitude makes me happy was I lucky to find you to move.