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5-year old boy drowned was found to be stubbornness

Wudi County Public Security Bureau smashed which lasted six days with the murder. It is understood that the suspect Wang on December 27, 2011 reversing village only 5 years old when the King's head hurt, for fear of being known, the King into an irrigation well brick and drowned.

the morning of December 28, 2011, Wudi Wudi County Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Brigade Shui Bay village police, 4 o'clock in the afternoon to 5 times the previous day, his 5-year old son disappeared while playing in the King home from school in the village. After receiving the report, Wudi County Public Security Bureau immediately set up a task force.

children missing from the report date has been more than 24 hours, the Panel found that a police dog search criteria, then immediately asked provincial Department of public security, requests the police dog searches. Provincial public security professionals take dogs to the incident on the day. Police dog follows from the missing scene, 50 meters to the West tour to Wang (the suspect), and Wang wander before a Wuling van, police dogs to track Wang van arouse the suspicion of investigators on Wang.

after a review, suspect Wang knocked down when a statement backing so and so and then killed Wang's crime. According to an account of the King, December 27, 2011 4:30 P.M., Wang driving vans to pick up students in front of their House when reversing King standing in the back of their car knocked down. Wang, the King was hit in the head, Wang family, for fear of being found to hold on their van pulled away, and then into a brick well for irrigation in the North of the village, he saw the King sitting in a well, was picking up a brick and a discarded pesticide bottles hit the Kings Head, cause his drowning death.

January 2, 2012, under the identification of criminal suspects, the King's body was found by the police. At present, Wang has been under criminal detention by Wudi County Public Security Bureau.