Move package

classification packaging and cartons marked with marker  

1, classification according to the frequency of use, the importance of packaging.

2, package classification before, within the same property in the same box in the box marked in the box contents and numbers the carton so that removal of rear effects.

3, packaging boxes should not be too large, too large items difficult to carry, and easy due to rupture of heavy cardboard boxes at the bottom.

4, daily life must fit together, such as toiletries, baby books, stationery and other daily necessities.

5, chest of drawers, wardrobe, wardrobe, refrigerators, washing machines, furniture and electrical appliance must be emptied if not emptied, furniture too heavy to easily transport and items damaged due to contents sloshing.

6, furniture of any activity, fixed or lockable drawers that can be opened with a tape, to keep staff safe.

7, brooms, dusters and other cleaning equipment package so that new homes can be cleaned at any time.

valuables processing

cash, checks, securities, jewelry, important documents, etc should carry or deposit before you move to a safe area.

fragile items

1. breakable, expensive home appliances in the installation box time, outside the box should be marked fragile.

2. the breakable, expensive home appliances should be in cartons covered with rags, newspapers and other cushioning materials will the space inside the box, to avoid shaking impact damage to goods handling.