About Us

moving company limited was founded in 2006 in Sanya (hereinafter referred to as the well-known moving company), moved in Sanya, Sanya, Sanya, moving companies, moving companies phone, Price moving companies, moving plants in Sanya, Sanya, Sanya factory relocation companies, Sanya, Sanya, moving, long distance moving company, moving company which services such as Sanya. Is a collection of people moving, business relocation, merchandise distribution, long short distance transport, temporary (long-term) warehousing, goods handling, disassembly, packaging, furniture piano hoisting heavy equipment, displacement, position, hourly service, air conditioning machines, the server relocation. Company preparation operation vehicles Super 200 car, including 2 tons (4.2 meters), and 3 tons (5.7 meters), and 5 tons (9.6 meters), and 8 tons (12.5 meters), and Gold Cup, and gondola cars, different models, all car car are distribution has GPS satellite positioning system and calls equipment, scheduling center using advanced of network scheduling platform unified coordination overall capacity, on the district team for unified deployment. Update dynamic data every 15 seconds, and ensure the safety of your items.

moving company employs more than 100 people in Sanya, posts by furniture disassembly and Assembly, at the beginning of the piano moving, standard equipment and material handling and other professional services skills training. Per unit of not less than 4 employees and more than 40 people with high education management team to ensure the "long-term vehicle or used car at once" the handling and management of project needs.

in Sanya, 2000 moving company passed the international quality system certification. Moving moments in 18 years carrying out "to meet customer demand responsibility, customer satisfaction as the standard forever, to maintain industry-leading targeting" quality policy and gradually developed into the moving industry.

adhering to the "customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, community satisfaction" three satisfactory system--moving co stride in Sanya.